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This blog is going to be a record of my efforts to write a Role Playing Game about the French Foreign Legion. I intend to create a game that includes the following: a historical based but fun role playing game (Players Guide, Game Master Guide, and supplements); a miniatures based war game and a traditional board war game. (Update: It has been almost a year and a half since I posted this.  I am still working on an RPG featuring the French Foreign Legion but this blog has evolved into something different than envisioned in 2010.  I hope to keep this up indefinitely and eventually (when I’m retired again in 2012) release a good game.  In the meantime it is more the journey that I’m enjoying now vs. the destination. 06 Nov 2011)

About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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  1. eugene olivier says:

    I think this is a great idea. I will be contributing my penny’s worth of comments via e-mail as I seem to be having difficulty posting comments here..I will start with the archived earliest ones.


  2. Very nice! You’ve put in a great amount of work into this. My son is a Legionnaire stationed in St. Christol. Keep up the great work. Cheers!


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Great to hear from a Legionnaire’s mom–I can imagine the conversations you must have over tea or on the phone when you tell your friends what your son is up to. (nice blog you have too).


  3. ricky44nz says:

    Hi Jack.
    I served in 2 R.E.P from May 1990 until May 1995, landed with the Marines on the 9th December for Operation Restore Hope in Mogadishu, Somalia. I have been taking a good look at your blog and find it extremely interesting. I have written to novels about an eternal Legionnaire which are on Amazon and would like to invite you to my Facebook Author page. There are articles, photos etc that you might find interesting. Thanking you.
    Ricky Balona.


    • Jack Wagner says:


      I’m always thrilled to hear from Legion veterans or those still serving and I’m glad you enjoy the blog. You must have some amazing tales of your service in SA Parabat and the Legion. I’ve just bought the kindle books and added your them to my reading list and hope to review them on the blog in good order. The book’s concept reminds me of the Casca series of books by the late, great, former Green Beret, Barry Sadler. Hope to here from you in the future.


      • ricky44nz says:

        Thanks so much Jack. I really hope that you enjoy the books. I am busy on book 3 at the moment. Casca by Barry Sadler were my favourite when I was growing up, I think I read every one of his books. To be totally honest I did use Casca as a bit of a role model for my character Steele. Thanks again very much Jack and it is a privilege to correspond with you now.
        Best wishes.


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