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Legionnaire Photograph Collection

The link below is to a file that I assembled from the hundreds of photographs collected from various internet resources over the last couple of years.  It contains the best pictures of Legionnaires from the 1890-1914 period but also some … Continue reading

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More Pulp: All Survivors Report

Must tackle le cafard by posting more!  Below is another example of 1930’s Foreign Legion fiction.  This is from Argosy Magazine.  Great cover (but weird in that the plane seems too small and is doomed to crash). All Survivors Report

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A Few Days with the Legion

J’ai le cafard!  I am not being a good blogger.  The long winter here in Wisconsin has stalled my metabolism, slowed my thinking and put me into a funk.   Le Cafard indeed. To make up for this I am posting … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: The Junk Man Calls

Uploaded below is a short story culled from Argosy Magazine (16 Oct 37).  The story was written by Georges Surdez, one of the more prolific writers of FFL fiction in Pulp “literature.”  I found several others and will post them … Continue reading

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French Foreign Legion Mix

These photos show the results of my very first effort in painting 1:72 scale soldiers after taking a break for about 20 years.  I had painted what I thought were my last plastic soldiers back in 1990/91 when I was … Continue reading

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Aïn Sefra: The French Foreign Legion Barracks Then and Now

Attached below is a slide show depicting vintage pictures of the French Foreign Legion base in Aïn Sefra, Algeria and more recent views from Google Maps/Earth.  It’s no big surprise or anything–I just thought it was neat to see the … Continue reading

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French Foreign Legion in Dahomey

Here is one group of mini’s I just completed.  I conscripted the ESCI British Infantry Soldiers set that I had laying around for about 20 years into a platoon of French Foreign Legion deployed to Dahomey (now the country of … Continue reading

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New York Times Article: One German’s Experience in France’s Foreign Legion

Attached is a copy of a digital news clipping from the New York Times published 05 October 1913.  It details sensational claims of a “Legionnaire Kull” who describes the mistreatment of German recruits to the Legion.  These types of news … Continue reading

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