French Foreign Legion in Dahomey

Here is one group of mini’s I just completed.  I conscripted the ESCI British Infantry Soldiers set that I had laying around for about 20 years into a platoon of French Foreign Legion deployed to Dahomey (now the country of Benin) 1892-94.  The only modifications made were to clip off the bayonet scabbards some figures had and give them a new tent/blanket roll.  I also added several Red Hat Boxer Rebellion French Marines (which were hard to prepare and paint due to the amount of flash and poor detail).  The tent roll was my first use of Green Stuff which I found very easy to use.  The uniform I chose was from plate illustration (Plate 9) found in the Windrow book “Uniforms of the French Foreign Legion” by Blandford Press.  I have several prone figures and five walking infantrymen (that needed surgery to remove the large British backpack) that I still need to finish.  I want to get a full platoon of around 60 figures.  It started as a lark see how to use the Green Stuff but I am really pleased how they came out.

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