A Few Days with the Legion

J’ai le cafard!  I am not being a good blogger.  The long winter here in Wisconsin has stalled my metabolism, slowed my thinking and put me into a funk.   Le Cafard indeed.

To make up for this I am posting one of the more interesting articles about the Foreign Legion that I have found on Google Books.  It was on page 30 of a document called “Journal of the Military Service Institution of the United States, Volume 57”.  This was apparently a translation of a Le Monde Illustré article about the legion in 1914.  This article is remarkable, to me at least, in the number of pictures of the Caserne Vienot in Sidi Bel Abbes.  It also seemed to me when I read the article that the Legion command clearly attempted to put on their best show for the visiting journalist–check out the menu on page 10!

A Few Days with the Legion

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