Legionnaire Photograph Collection

The link below is to a file that I assembled from the hundreds of photographs collected from various internet resources over the last couple of years.  It contains the best pictures of Legionnaires from the 1890-1914 period but also some from the inter-war years.  I also included a trooper from the Infanterie Legere d’Afrique (slide 13) and a couple of others that I’m not quite sure about.  I wish there was more–I’m still looking.  If you have any tips on other pictures from the same time period that I overlooked please let me know in a comment.  Best viewed in Full Screen (Cntl+L)

Notice: Many of the pictures were clearly borrowed from photo archive websites and others I simply have no recollection of where I found them…bad habits of an unrepentant internet surfer.  It is not my intent to rip off anyone’s content.  (I claim fair use for education purposes!)


About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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