French Foreign Legionnaire 1890-1914 (Osprey Warrior)

Just a quick note.  Martin Windrow is at it again.  This time it looks like he will be releasing a new book this year as part of the Osprey Warrior series.  This will be his third book in two years that focuses on the classic age of the French Foreign Legionnaire.  I think his book on the early Legion, Our Friends Beneath the Sands (08 Apr 10), was just a masterpiece.  This was followed up in less than a year by the French Foreign Legion 1872-1914 (Men-at-Arms Series #461) (10 Jul 10).  This was a thin book with the traditional Osprey focus on the uniforms.  There were some portions in the this that were taken directly from Our Friends but the color plates were awesome.  This new item is available for pre-order from Amazon ($12.63 & Shipping).  Just search for French Foreign Legionnaire 1890-1914.  The Warrior series focuses more on the the Individual fighting force and includes more information on the warrior/soldier, the forces history, organization, equipment, tactics, as well as just the uniform.  I cannot wait for 23rd of August.

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