Les Arabes!

Posted below are some ESCI/ERTL 1:72 Arabs I worked up last year.   Or to be more exact these are Pashtu’s, Dervishes, Mahdists, a possible Sikh and a couple of Tuareg’s and some non-specific Arabs (spot the Airfix figure).  This set had quite a mix of ethnic costumes depicted but were lumped under the general title of Arabs.  This of course is, in my opinion, a great injustice.  I would like to see a new set each of 1:72 scale Riffian/Berber warriors, Tuaregs, Moroccan/Algerian Bedouins, and some more general purpose North African Arabs.  Plastic Soldier Review has a wonderful gallery of this set.


My paint job is not the best since I didn’t give these a dark wash with the floor wax and paint mix.  Many also have the odd-shaped base I made out of Sculpty–like the Legionnaires I painted below.  But for cannot fodder they will do.  I’m working on some converted Red Hat Afgans that I turned into some Berber’s with a bit of Green Stuff.  I’ll hope to have those up in a couple of days.

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