Berber Conversions

You have seen the ESCI Arabs in a previous post.  What I mentioned in then was that I would really like to see a set of 1:72 Berber Warriors released that can fit in as an OPFOR for the French colonial period of 1890-1930.  Nothing is on the horizon so I attempted to make my own.  I took some riflemen from the Red Box Afghans ( and added some hoods and capes from some thinly rolled out Green Stuff.  The poncho-like outerwear (called a djellaba) was common among the Rif tribes in norther Morocco.  The black and white pictures depict the common uniform of a Rif Tribesman in the 1930’s uprising in N. Morocco against the Spanish and then later against the French.  I also attempted the same with a couple of unfortunate Zulu riflemen with mixed results.  Some of the figures were primed prior to their modifications and some were primed over the Green Stuff.  I don’t think it matters.  I used the Krylon Fusion for Plastic light gray primer.  I’m in the process of painting and basing these figures.  The biggest challenge might be getting the traditional stripe pattern on the capes and hoods.  This conversion is not the best job–especially some of the mini’s who look like they are in rags, but they might look better with a good coat of paint and a magic dip.


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