Fort Saganne: Uniforms

A quick post.  I took a bunch of screen captures from this movie to show some of the uniforms that were depicted.  The horsemen in red and white I know are Spahis, the blue jackets with red fez are tirailleurs algériens (aka Turcos).  I thought for sure they were Seneglese but the uniform does not match.  The guy with glasses in charge of the squad of Turcos appears to be in a French Marine uniform.  If anyone knows more please leave a comment.

Saganne Uniforms


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3 Responses to Fort Saganne: Uniforms

  1. Pier says:

    The Méharistes uniforms are correctly depicted in the moovie..some of the guys in blue with red fez are tirailleurs algériens but the appearance is not totally right…also at this deep desert places they were ‘nt employed …it was a milieu fitted only for Méharistes and , in case, Senegalese Tirailleurs. the iconic scene of the Méharistes crossing into Afrique Occidentale Francaise and the almost realistic attempt to stop them at gun point by another French officer depicts a section of Tirailleurs Sénégalais but sporting seraul trousers used by the recently formed Tirailleurs Sénegalais Camel fact they carry an aversack which is absurd as they were accostumed to carry weights on their backs..they had carriers or camels in desert….and i cannot imagine such a force without camels…even their enraged officer with a privatly purchased cork helmet and Infanterie Coloniale insignia (which is correct) could’nt have travelled in the desert with a horse


  2. Pier says:

    sorry for the mistake…they were ‘nt accostumed to carry backpack


  3. Jack Wagner says:

    Thank you for your observations. I agree that the Méharistes would be the most logical forces for this story although it seems the French would often put Senegalese Tirailleurs in just about anywhere. Also, as you say, the Senegalese were under the command of the Colonial Infantry Corps (troupes coloniales) so that could explain the officer with the Marine insignia. Wikipedia also says that the Méharistes wore the anchor insignia (former Marine insignia) until the 1950’s. In the end I find it frustrating to watch any military movies as I spend too much time second guessing the uniforms, weapons, equipment, tactics and general historical accuracy.


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