Foreign Legion Organization Charts

This is my first version of several organizational charts I created that depict the composition of the French Foreign Legion circa 1900-1914.  There were two regiments total (1st and 2nd) and each regiment had six battalions (since 1898).   The Infantry company’s were organized in the standard French Army organization of the pre-WWI years which called for a Company strength of about 250 personnel divided into four sections (platoons) of about 60 personnel each.  Each Battalion had four company’s with a strength of about 1,000.  Attached to each regiment was a mounted company (on mules) which had a different organization (not shown in this version yet) but with less personnel.  Also, in next version of this document, I wall identify those units that were normally stationed in Tonkin as well as the Legion’s disciplinary company (I think was the 8th Co, 2nd BN, 1RE).  There would later come machine gun platoons and during WWI and the years after the organization of the Legion  would completely change.  As I continue to develop my material I will focus on a single notional company for much of my fictional accounts and descriptions.  This will be the 17th Company of the V BN, 1RE.  If you have any critiques or helpful tips please add a comment.

Legion Organization Charts Ver. 2

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  1. jhovey11 says:

    Thanks for posting the charts. I’m working on gathering info on the Legion in IndoChina from 1900 on.



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