More Berbers

I started out with about fourteen figures that I attempted to convert into reasonable Berber or Moroccan Arab raiders by adding various capes and hoods made out of Green Stuff.  I finished four on Sunday and another five today (since I had a holiday I had some free time to indulge in some figure painting).  Posted below are five more Berber warriors.  Of the remaining figures I think I’ll abandon the effort on the three Zulu figures (see the post from 10 Feb) because they look like crap even halfway painted.   While painting today it struck me that most of my oil based paints (Model Master and Floquil) are about 17-20 years old.  I tossed another two jars that I discovered had gummed up or dried out and some of the others are sealed so tight that even a pair of channel lock pliers wouldn’t work.  (It seems the Floquils have kept the best).  I need to check the budget and see about getting some new paints.   Also, I think my next project has got to be a terrain board that I can use to take some better pictures of my miniatures.  Maybe a village, a desert camp or an oasis.  Something I can easily take to a window for better light so the pictures don’t come out so dark.

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