North African Palm Trees

Eventually, step by step and item by item, I am building my North African French Foreign Legion game board.  One thing that any desert board needs is plenty of palm trees.  I have collected several of those plastic trees from the local cake decorator but they never really cut it for me.  I was always looking for sometime more realistic.  So over the past year, after many experiments with various techniques I finally thought that I had come up with a really good method for producing realistic and affordable looking palm trees and started on my PowerPoint tutorial the other week for posting in the next couple days.   That was until today–after a visit to the local Dollar Store–where I found a new source for palm fronds.  I’ll redo the instructions to show you both techniques and hopefully post the tutorial in a couple of days.  In the meantime I’ve once again collected some pictures off the internet for hobby builders to use as a reference for making their own palm trees.

North African Palm Trees


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