My French Foreign Legion Book Collection

I finally got around to gathering up all of the various books I own about the French Foreign Legion and put them onto one book shelf.  Some of these were purchased over 30 years ago .  I have been hitting E-Bay and Amazon over the past year and purchased several of these for rock bottom prices.  Others were not so rock bottom such as Hell in the Legion and Tiger of the Legion.  Some other books I saw for sale on the internet were only for serious collectors–good condition vintage books mainly.  I have many more Foreign Legion memoirs in digital form courtesy of Google Books and the Internet Archive.  I can see how addicting book collecting can be.  Especially if you collect books on a very narrow niche subject such as the Zulu war, Arctic Exploration, the Tasmanian Wars or the FFL. I’ve come across two sites that have reference points for materials of the FFL.  Vivelalegion is an outstanding website that seemingly attempts to document just about any book, memoir, article, menu, music program, graphic, etc. that has ever been created on the French Foreign Legion.  Not sure if the forum there is active.  The other link is to a facebook page that serves as bibliography with endless dustcover photos of English language books on the FFL.

French Foreign Legion Bibliography

My collection is simply paltry by comparison:  My FFL Book Collection

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10 Responses to My French Foreign Legion Book Collection

  1. Thank you for mentioning my facebook page of my legion book collection. If I can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Some of my flag, uniform, & medal collection is featured in the photo section of my website.


  2. Do you know this website? Alot of book covers from French editions of FFL books and other stuff.


  3. Bo Laurin says:

    Hello again.
    My pages has been updated. It is as you know about Scandinavian legionnaires. But I have also added bibliographies over English, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish books:

    Best wishes from Sweden
    Bo Laurin


    • thomas savage says:

      Outstanding, as usual. Thank you for sharing the information.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Thank you Bo. Those are fantastic bibliographies with many, many books that I had no idea existed. I knew the German language books were numerous and I had started a small list but this is 20x what I had. Really good work.


      • Bo Laurin says:

        Thanks Jack, I think I have only scrub the surface. I have only search for titles containing the german word “fremdenlegion” (foreign legion).There are certainly many books about the French army where only one chapter is about the Foreign Legion. These are harder to find but perhaps less interesting. Actually, I am most interested in biographies of those recruited to the Legion. One strange thing is that I cannot find any german books printed during the whole 1940s. It cannot only depend on the WW2.


  4. Bo Laurin says:

    forgot to check the boxes that I want be notified. 😉


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