Foreign Legion Pulp Fiction Magazine Covers

I spent most of today, the last day of my one week vacation, pulling this together.  In the .pdf document below I’ve gathered together over 140 color magazine covers that feature the Foreign Legion.  I give full credit to the amazing website at Galactic Central Publications.  I shamelessly posted many of this site’s magazine covers from dozens of titles into this collection.  I am inspired all over again after browsing this web page.  I knew there were quite a few pulp magazines published in the heydays of the 1920’s to the 1960’s but I really had no clue just how prolific the pulp era really was until today.  I can’t comprehend what wonderful gems of fiction reside within these magazines.  For example the standard Argosy magazine was published weekly and had roughly 10-12 stories (or serialized portions of a story).  Multiply this by 52 weeks and you have a annual production of over 600 articles/stories.  Multiply this by 15-20 years of publication history or in the case of Argosy’s prime pulp period from 1920 to 1943 you are talking about almost 13,000 stories.  That’s a whole lot of cool stories.  There were dozens of highly prolific publishing vehicles at this time and the genre included detective, westerns, aviation, south pacific adventures, war, romance, gangsters, pirate, safari, history, high seas, exploration, suspense, supernatural, science fiction, thrillers, arctic, and of course “sexploitation”.  In fact if you browse this website you can see how, around the 1950’s, many of the previously adventure fiction magazines evolved into the men’s magazines (seemingly) competing with Playboy.  But, back to my rant, WHERE HAVE ALL THESE STORIES GONE?  I’m glad we have websites like this that help archive and chronicle the various fiction magazines but where can one find an affordable copy of the first two pulp magazines in what I posted below?  I’ve checked on eBay and the first one (Foreign Legion Adventures) is running at $150.00.  I can’t find the second edition.  When will some publishing giant decide to republish some of these?  I just want to read the contents–that’s all.  I’m not a collector.  I did recently purchase a copy of The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories.  This is a three pound/1,100 page giant tome of collected short detective fiction from the Black Mask magazine that rand from 1920 to 1951.  These are really great bedtime stories.  But western, sci-fi, and detective reprints seem to dominate the market.  I wish there were more “adventure” anthologies–i.e. more Legion Fiction.

Oh, well.  Someday.  In the meantime:

Legion Pulp Covers

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