Lux Radio: The Legionnaire and the Lady

I found an interesting version of this radio play on the Internet Archive but that version was hopelessly amateur.  Listen to this at your own risk.  I eventually found the original version on the Radio Days website.  The Legionnaire and the Lady was the first Lux film adaptation and featured Marlene Dietrich and Clark Gable somewhat reprising their roles from the film “Morocco”.  One would think, listening to this episode of Lux Radio (and watching Morocco), that all Legionnaires did were hang around in smoky cafés and fight over cabaret singers.  File is about 7.8MB and plays for 1 hour.

Lux Radio_The Legionnaire and the Lady

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4 Responses to Lux Radio: The Legionnaire and the Lady

  1. Mark Schwartz says:

    There is a Campbell Playhouse production of Beau Geste which is great! It has Laurence Olivier as John Geste.


  2. There are at least three more radio versions of “Beau Geste.” One in 1948 (I think; don’t hold me to this) on the series “Escape.” And more recently, in 2010 (again, I think I’m right) on the BBC. Most intriguing is the one I’ve learned of, but haven’t yet heard, that aired in 1933 in New Zealand. The same production company also produced serialized radio versions of “Beau Sabreur” and “Beau Ideal.” I’ve been led to believe that all of these exist (they’re all quite long — six or eight hours) and that we might possibly be able to buy recordings of them from New Zealand. From my preliminary research, I think they’ll be very expensive. I’ll post more once I have more definite news or, even better, once I’ve acquired the recordings.


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