Legion Composition by Nationality (1900)

I stumbled across this picture on a website devoted to the Dutch contingent who served in the Foreign Legion (covering all of its history up until Algeria).  The website is extremely well researched and lists hundreds of former Dutch Legionnaires on it’s pages-even going back to 1847.  The graphic below shows the rough breakdown of the Legion around the turn of the century.  It references the book written by the German Franz Kull (see my earlier post 02 Jan 11) that there were 480 men, or 4% of the Legion, from the Netherlands serving in the two Regiments of the Legion around 1900.  This drops to less than 1% around 1913 but they are lumped into a count with 6 other nationalities (my guess is they are the highest proportion with probably about 80-100 personnel of the 200).


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