Completed Adobe Buildings

I finished detailing the three single story dwellings I posted a couple of days ago.  I turned one of them into a small bar/cafe–a Legion hangout called Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat).  I did because I noticed the exposed brickwork didn’t look like what you might find  in a Bedouin oasis.  It seems too European.  The basic shape of the buildings might pass for Arab style houses in general however with the brickwork I think it might fit better as buildings one might find around a French garrison town such as Colomb Bechar or Aïn Sefra.  (See the first picture for an example of what I am going for).  So these three buildings will become that part of the dusty border town where Legionnaires get into trouble–fighting, drinking, carousing, and raising general hell with the locals.  I still have some small details to finish on the other two buildings–the hatch on the roofs, some terra-cotta pots and maybe some dead grass popping out along the base of the walls.  I now want to proceed to some larger and more complex buildings.  I am learning bit by bit how to do this stuff–mainly from looking at the hundreds of blogs and forums out there devoted to war gaming and war gaming terrain.  There are several problems that I encountered with these buildings I need to work on: the corner joints are not seamless, the portal around the doors are not the greatest (gaps) and I can’t make a real window pane for the life of me.  I am happy with the dry brushing colors (burnt umber first, a brownish tan second and then off white color last).  I put the drink posters on the bar and at first they looked too new.  Dry brushing the posters with the off white color they instantly looked better–more worn and better blended into the walls.  Also the bricks came out very well.

There is a story here somewhere:  Nighttime–just beyond the edge of the garrison town; legionnaires are living it up before the grand march the next day; some have thoughts of desertion, some are drinking away their fear of combat, camaraderie between all nationalities with songs sung in seven languages, and wine.  Lots of thick red Algerian wine for only 20 centimes a bottle.  Tomorrow comes the march south to track down and subdue the marauding tribes who dare challenge France but for now the Legion relaxes.  

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