Legion Fort: Beau Geste (1926)

I’ve been holding back from posting on several subjects over the past months.  Saving the best stuff for later I guess.  Well no more.  This week, in honor of 30 April–Camarone Day,  I will post some of the more interesting items about my chosen topic of The Classic French Foreign Legion.  Today, I have some film stills and screen captures from the first Beau Geste movie.  The screen captures are not the best–the version of the film I have is corrupted and I can only view the first 20 minutes or so.  I had to find other bits from You Tube.  The fort is very similar to the one seen in the second Beau Geste film starring Gary Cooper.  In fact it is likely to have been the very same one since they were filmed in the same area.  The difference I noted was the use of cement/adobe staircases in the earlier movie instead of the wooden steps, and there seemed to be less wooden parapets for the men to stand on.  There were not many clear interior shots that gave good detail.

Fort Zinderneuf 1926

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  1. The 1926 and 1939 forts were both built on precisely the same spot but they were two different structures. The 1926 fort was actually burned for its final scene in the film. They attempted to burn the 1939 fort but couldn’t, for various reasons, which is why we see flames and an explosion superimposed over a still shot. That’s why Zinderneuf was still standing a few months later when the San Diego State guys went there to make their parody in November, 1939.


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