Legion Pulp: Maximillian’s Men

A story by Robert Carse about the Legion in Mexico and the Battle of Camarón.  It’s about a survivor of the battle and his subsequent part in making history (and romance).  Saturday, 30 April, is Camarone Day. I’ve bought some Kronenbourg to celebrate since I really could not find any Algerian pinard up here in Wisconsin.  (Edited 29 April to correct my faulty internal Calendar)

Maximillian’s Men

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2 Responses to Legion Pulp: Maximillian’s Men

  1. I am always game for a road trip to old Mexico. You can check out Cameron on Google Map.


  2. Old Mexico would be nice. It was a nice place to visit even in the late 1990’s. Visiting Mexico nowadays would be frightening. Too many sicko criminal thugs for my taste.


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