Camerone Day

Happy Camerone Day!  I’ve posted several items of interest related to Camerone Day.

1.  I’ve read that Georges Surdez, the prolific writer of Foreign Legion pulp fiction, was an honorary member of the Legion.  From the article below it is clear that he had some well placed connections and the respect of the Foreign Legion commander to be the only outsider to be invited to the Camerone Day celebration in 1929.  His first hand experiences and contacts with actual legionnaires are probably why his stories sound so authentic.  It’s also a nice story on how the Legion celebrated Camerone Day while COL Rollet was still the commander. It was mainly COL Rollet who introduced this as a formal celebration as well as other traditions and unique customs of the Legion.

Camerone Day with Georges Surdez

2.  A website with very detailed information on the actual location of El Camarón in Veracruz, Mexico.  It also shows how the French officials and Legionnaires come to this small town for a parade and events to mark this day.  There are actually four pages you want to visit–look for the links on the bottom of the main page (second to last text box) under French in Veracruz.

John  Todd’s Website

3.  Also I took a sweep of my downloaded pictures from the vast internetz and collected what I could of Foreign Legion uniforms from the Mexican campaign.  Its a mix of uniform prints, painted miniatures and what looks like some scans of Osprey books.  For your soldier modeling purposes…

Foreign Legion Uniforms_Mexico

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3 Responses to Camerone Day

  1. Robin Wood says:

    I have 2 photos c 1934 that are of monuments commemorating Camerone Day. Is it a practice of the French Foreign Legion to erect such monuments while assigned? They are somewhat elaborate and engraved.


    • Jack Wagner says:


      From what I have seen in Kepi Blanc Magazine, the official publication of the Legion, I would not doubt that some enterprising legionnaires put up Camerone Day monuments while garrisoned in Morocco. It’s a huge celebration each year for the Legion and some legionnaires undoubtedly would go a bit over the top on some aspects of this commemorations. They do the same at Christmas–units will create elaborate creche’s in competition with other units in the Regiments. I would love to see pictures of these. The Legion had time on their hands during many years in Africa and were called upon to perform some amazing feats of military engineering. Many of the roads, bridges and even tunnels used today were erected in Morocco and Algeria by the sweat and hard labor of the Foreign Legion. Erecting a Camerone monument would have been an afternoon picnic for them.


  2. Robin Wood says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that they were erected in Morocco.


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