Admin Notes

Just a couple of admin items today:

I updated the post that I made about the Foreign Legion visit to the United States by adding another picture that I came across of the Legion detachment at the Chicago train station.  Link

Also I have not been working on any miniature or terrain projects for a while because of my never ending spring cleaning, gardening, and yard work.  Soon I will be constructing my own 1:72 scale Foreign Legion fort as my next project.  This will be a version of Beau Geste Fort Zinerneuf.   I also want to make some more North African type buildings and a market place.  Finally, I want to try making my first large pieces for a terrain board with some pink foam pieces recovered from a dumpster at a local construction site.

So, posts at this blog for the next week or so will mainly consist of book reviews and more pulp short stories until I can get my projects started again.  I also have to admit that I am really getting interested in building some terrain/buildings for a Wild West setting.  There are lots of good rules available for playing this genre: Gutshot, Legends of the Old West, and Aces and Eights (a Role Playing Rules Set).  Also my favorite–Boot Hill by TSR. (curse my wandering attention span!)

Finally, I’m approaching my 100th post for this blog.  A milestone of sorts.  I am surprised at that I stuck to it for so long and I hope that my efforts in compiling information (on a fairly obscure topic) has been entertaining for visitors.  I have lots of material on the Foreign Legion that I have not posted yet, but eventually over time, my posts will focus more on war gaming and miniatures (Foreign Legion related) and building terrain for both.  So please feel free to use the comments to tell me what you think.

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