Books on North Africa 4: In Barbary; Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and the Sahara

Written by E. Alexander Powell.  This book is found in digital format at the Hathi Trust Digital Library.  Hathi Trust a user unfriendly site that does not allow you to download the entire book unless you go through some god-awful registration process.  The site does allow you to read the books online so I skipped around until I noticed that the book contained a chapter on the French Foreign Legion.  There does not seem to be another digital version anywhere else. I did not read the entire the book–it runs about 400 pages.  It was published in 1926, right when the French were up to their eyeballs in fighting the Rif in Morocco, so it has not entered public domain yet.  I did find the chapter on the Legion pretty well written, covering points of history and lore of the Legion as well as current conditions at the time in Sidi Bel Abbes and the town of Tlemcen.  It’s only 16 pages but interesting enough.  Other books by Powell look interesting.  I might look over the rest of the book at a later date when I can figure out this cursed openlibrary procedures.

In Barbary_The Foreign Legion

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