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Book Seller Catalog: Kubik Fine Books Ltd.

I found this site several months ago.  Kubik Fine Books Ltd. is a book seller that specializes in historical and military related books.  They have an incredible selection but most interesting to me is their Catalog #50 which features 21 … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: The Wonderful Lamp of Thibaut Corday

Another tall tale adventure of Legionnaire Thibaut Corday written by Theodore Roscoe.  This time Corday is pushed off a troop transport into the Red Sea.  He eventually swims ashore and is aided by a mysterious Arab woman and promptly gets … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Desert Fort Project

I’ve been planning on building a FFL desert fort for some time.  Almost a year.  What has prevented me was that I had no idea how I would go about doing this–no idea of the materials needed or which would … Continue reading

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General Paul-Frédéric Rollet – Father of the Foreign Legion

Happy Father’s Day!  It’s a good day to acknowledge the one Legion commander who did so much to create the mythos and the sacred traditions of the French Foreign Legion.  As Inspector General of the French Foreign Legion it could … Continue reading

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Book: Life in the Legion: from a Soldier’s Point of View by Frederic Martyn

Life in the Legion is an outstanding memoir of an Englishman’s  five year enlistment in the French Foreign Legion from 1889 to 1894.   I highly recommend this book as it is one of the few accounts of five full years … Continue reading

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NYT Article: Women Fought in Battle Against Foreign Legion

This NYT article below is from 07 Jan 1912.  It’s basically a preview/review of a book written by Frederic Martyn about his time in the Foreign Legion from 1889 to 1894.  The book was called “Life in the Legion, from … Continue reading

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Flickr Page: Painted Foreign Legion Miniatures

I stumbled on this image set on Flickr some time ago and felt I have to spread the word for others to have a look-see.      Link      The poster, “momo50it”, and apparent painter of these miniatures did an incredible … Continue reading

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Postcards from North Africa

While browsing the the local antique store, I discovered two antique postcards from North Africa.  One is of the Place de la Republique, Alger (Algiers) and the other is a scene depicting the a watering point for “Ships of the … Continue reading

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Legion Forts: The Forts at Hassi Inifel

About a month ago I started to dig around on the internet for more information about a French fort built in southern Algeria just before 1900.  I had the name as Fort Hassi Inifil but I was not finding much … Continue reading

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Colorized Legion Photographs

Not a big post today, just two of my favorite colorized pictures of Legionnaires that I came across on the internet–from Corbis Images.  Both show the legionnaires involved in some mundane garrison duties.  The first picture shows some legionnaires cooking … Continue reading

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