Postcards from North Africa

While browsing the the local antique store, I discovered two antique postcards from North Africa.  One is of the Place de la Republique, Alger (Algiers) and the other is a scene depicting the a watering point for “Ships of the Desert”.  The desert scene has a copyright mark of 1908 with English stamp instructions on the back and an American flag logo.  The picture of Algiers has Carte Postale on the back and is postmarked from Algiers (although I cannot see a date.  The stamps were removed from both cards.  I found it odd to find these in a small town in Wisconsin.  I’ll have to remember to look closely at the postcard bins whenever I seen them in antique stores.  One cost $1.00 and the other was .50 cents.

About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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