NYT Article: Women Fought in Battle Against Foreign Legion

This NYT article below is from 07 Jan 1912.  It’s basically a preview/review of a book written by Frederic Martyn about his time in the Foreign Legion from 1889 to 1894.  The book was called “Life in the Legion, from a Soldier’s Point of View” and was published in 1911.  Martyn had  joined the 1st Regiment and served in Tonkin with the 2nd BN, 1RE.  He returned from Tonkin and then was deployed to fight in the Dahomey expedition and finally spent the remainder of his service in Algeria.  Of course, for the NYT, nothing sells print better than topless amazons(–some things never change.)  My next post will be on Martyn’s book–I thought this would be a good teaser.

NYT News_Martyn

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