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Le Petit Journal Covers

I came upon a good link on Galica that has digital versions of the French periodical Le Petit Journal. Supplément du dimanche.  This magazine has some of the finest cover art of the period.  The Galica archive covers 1884 to … Continue reading

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2REI Officers & NCO’s Photograph

I found a remarkable set of photographs of several Foreign Legion officers from the 2nd Regiment posted on Le Grand Guerre Histoiré Militaria 14-18 website/forum.  Actually it is one photo with several close-ups.  If you go to the link you … Continue reading

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Desert Fort WIP Report #2

I’m still plugging away on what I have named Blockhaus 17.  I’ve actually got most of the interior building walls and roofs cut out and fitted–but not glued.  Before this happens I have to etch some adobe style brickwork into … Continue reading

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Polish Legionnaire

Just a quick post.  I found this postcard photo on one of my most favorite websites: Cartes Postales Anciennes d’Afrique du Nord.  This might be a new addition.  I’ve never seen this one before.  It depicts a Polish Legionnaire in … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Long Ears

Today we have a short pulp story written by Robert Carse.  This appeared in Argosy (18 September 1937).  It concerns an American muleteer fighting with the Legion against the Rif in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.   Hawkey and his mule, … Continue reading

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Short Story: Donoghu’s Hour

This story was found in the middle of a book called “Stories Without Women (and a Few with Women)” written by Donn Byrne and published in 1915.  The book is a collection of short stories written about men doing manly … Continue reading

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W.I.P. Desert Fort

I took advantage of a rainy morning today to start building my first Foreign Legion desert fort.  Previously I had done some prep-work by cutting 5mm and 8mm widths of blue styrene sheets (3″, 3.5″ and 4″ high).  I also … Continue reading

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Uniform Print: Foreign Legion WWI

Just a quick post to share a nice color uniform print of a legionnaire in a WWI uniform.  The colonial troops fighting on the Western Front, to include the Foreign Legion,  wore a dull mustard yellow/brown khaki instead of the … Continue reading

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Quartier Vienot

Happy 4th of July! Sorry if I’ve been kind of slow in posting to this blog.  The main culprit was my failing computer–blue screens of death, frozen screens followed by a hard crash.  I think the problem is my video … Continue reading

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