Desert Fort WIP Report #2

I’m still plugging away on what I have named Blockhaus 17.  I’ve actually got most of the interior building walls and roofs cut out and fitted–but not glued.  Before this happens I have to etch some adobe style brickwork into the outer foam walls of the structures, cut out some doors and windows, round some corners on roofs, and finish the roofing that make up some of the corner towers.  My biggest enemy is time.  Once I get going on this and I have 3-4 hours of uninterrupted work I get pretty far.  These pictures represent only two afternoons worth of work–not counting cutting the styrene sheets and sketching a plan on the board.  About 6-7 hours total.  

I’m going to give this project it’s own category since I’ll probably have a couple more WIP posts on this as I finish the fort.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can begin painting.

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Retired Army.
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