2REI Officers & NCO’s Photograph

I found a remarkable set of photographs of several Foreign Legion officers from the 2nd Regiment posted on Le Grand Guerre Histoiré Militaria 14-18 website/forum.  Actually it is one photo with several close-ups.  If you go to the link you can see the remarks indicating the rank of each officer.  The heavyset bearded man is not a Legionnaire but a Captain of the 44th Bataillon de Chasseurs à Pied (Light Infantry).  The guy on the far right (an Adjutant) is my favorite.  He looks like such a hard case-maybe the inspiration for SGT Markov.  The two NCO’s seated look like they are wondering when they can get to the canteen next and be done with this officer picture taking nonsense.  Such detail!  I wonder if this was taken on the Western Front.  They poster indicated that it was circa 1915 and with the presence of the portly gentleman officer in the middle from the Light Infantry it was probably taken in France.

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  1. Photo 3 and the last photo have the exact style of moustache that Hitler wore in WWI. Seems like a great place for lice if you ask me.


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