Le Petit Journal Covers

I came upon a good link on Galica that has digital versions of the French periodical Le Petit Journal. Supplément du dimanche.  This magazine has some of the finest cover art of the period.  The Galica archive covers 1884 to 1920 and has 52 issues per year (1,899 total issues).  The color covers begin in late 1890.  Many of the covers feature sensational events of the period but what I like most are the depictions of French forces and their colonial battles, uniforms, explorations and campaigns.  There are also several good articles (en Francais) about the Foreign Legion and other forces in North Africa.  I’ve posted four of these covers that have the Foreign Legion on them.  The magazine is not limited to just French interests.  It also has covers that depict the Boer War, the Russo-Japanese war, and fighting in the Balkans.  The depictions of uniforms of the period are first rate.  I will be spending lots of time browsing the insides of each magazine in the future.  (Update: I forgot to mention that there are full color illustrations on most issues of this magazine that appear on the very last page.  So if you are browsing the link be sure to go to the last page as well.)

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