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Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection

I found another great source for digital pictures of historical military uniforms and pictures.  This website is a special collection of the Brown University Library Center for Digital Initiative.  If you click on Browse and then select subject you will … Continue reading

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Legion Forts: Bou Jerif

It seems that many travelers to North Africa and the Sahara call every half standing ruin of a fortress they come across as “an old French Foreign Legion fort”.  Sometimes it is difficult to know if the fort was a … Continue reading

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French Foreign Legionnaire 1890-1914 (Osprey Warrior) by Martin Windrow

Just a quick note:  This book has finally been released!  You can see a good preview at Amazon.  There is also a Kindle Version.  It appears the front cover has changed (for the better in my opinion).  You can see … Continue reading

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Wiped Out by J. D. Newsom

Wiped Out is a collection of five short stories of the Foreign Legion written by John Dimmock (J. D.) Newsom.  Newsom was one of the most prolific writers of Foreign Legion pulp fiction ever to have tapped away on a … Continue reading

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Campaigns Magazine: The Belgian Legion in Mexico

Campaigns Magazine was an American publication devoted to miniature soldiers–usually Napoleonic but also just about anything else under the sun.  It was published bi-monthly by Merengo Publishing (Los Angeles)  in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  It’s run lasted for … Continue reading

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Le Petite Journal Covers 2

Another installment of some interesting illustrations from the French magazine Le Petit Journal: Supplément Illustré.  (Found on Galica).  I selected these to show some of the conditions that concerned the French command in North Africa–anarchy in Morocco, unrest along the … Continue reading

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Le Sac

I’ve always found the French Infantry rucksack/backpack/knapsack, or often just called disparagingly  “Le Sac” by Legionnaires, to be an object of amazement and amusement.  In many pictures it is  stacked ridiculously high with cooking pots and utensils, firewood, tent poles, … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Six Good Men

I’m currently working on a couple of lengthy posts on various subjects for this blog but I’m not quite finished with any of them.  Of course I’m also finishing up my 1:72 scale Legion Fort (Blockhouse 17).  It must be … Continue reading

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Legion of Strangers by Charles Mercer

Legion of Strangers was published in 1964 and the version I have is a paperback by Pyramid Books.  The book is a history of the French Foreign Legion from it’s creation until the early 1960’s when the book was written.  … Continue reading

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The Legion Visits the U.S. (More Articles)

I came upon a couple of more articles and another picture about the Foreign Legion visit to the United States as part of the 4th Liberty Bond promotions.  I made a previous post about this visit in March.  New France … Continue reading

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