Legion of Strangers by Charles Mercer

Legion of Strangers was published in 1964 and the version I have is a paperback by Pyramid Books.  The book is a history of the French Foreign Legion from it’s creation until the early 1960’s when the book was written.  It is not a “great” history of the Foreign Legion such as that written by Douglas Porch or Martin Windrow but it does a very good job in 23 chapters and 300 pages (including index and sources).  There are many tidbits of information that I had never read about and I also found his list of sources quite useful.  My only disappointment was that Mr. Mercer played up some of the more sensational and salacious aspects of the Legion in apparent attempts to spice up the book.  It’s a quick read and I recommend adding it to ones collection if only because it can be found on Amazon for $2.00.  I did find one chapter very interesting and I scanned and posted it below.  It is about how the Foreign Legion went about building a fort/blockhouse as well as what happens to Legionnaires when stationed in a desert outpost. Shocking!

Legion of Strangers_Chapter 11

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