Legion Pulp: Six Good Men

I’m currently working on a couple of lengthy posts on various subjects for this blog but I’m not quite finished with any of them.  Of course I’m also finishing up my 1:72 scale Legion Fort (Blockhouse 17).  It must be Attention Deficit Disorder or something

So for now I’ll post a quick filler.  A short Pulp story from Argosy (Argosy All-Story Weekly Oct 28 1922) called Six Good Men.  This story is about the Foreign Legion fighting in Tonkin against the Black Flag Chinese mercenaries.  A handpicked team of legionnaires is selected to conduct a reconnaissance of a seemingly empty village.  Of course they are ambushed and mayhem ensues.  To set the mood I’ve also posted two of my favorite pictures of some Legionnaires from that period and region.  I believe both were taken by Le Docteur Charles-Edouard Hocquard (a detailed Legion surgeon).

Six Good Men

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