Adventure in Sahara

Adventure in Sahara was directed by Samuel Fuller and released in 1938 (a year before Gary Cooper’s Beau Geste).  It’s a fairly short straightforward Foreign Legion movie with the usual plot devices.  The setting is between the world wars of course and features modern airplanes in some scenes.  However, the legionnaire’s uniforms are circa 1900.  That’s not a big deal–at least they looked good and realistic.  The hero is an American pilot who joins the Legion seeking revenge on the sadistic  officer who punished his brother to death.   Legionnaire Wilson gets assigned to Fort Agadez where he can slowly work on his plan against Captain Savatt.  Eventually Wilson organizes a rebellion and sends the sadistic Captain, and a small group who remain loyal to him, into the desert.  Only Savatt survives the ordeal and arrives at the Legion headquarters to tell his story.  He then returns to Fort Agadez with a Legion column to arrest the mutineers.  Of course the Arabs attack just as the two groups of legionnaires were about to fight it out.  Both sides join forces and beat back the attack.  Eventually the conspirators are arrested and put on trial but based on the testimony of the Lieutenant they are let off and it is Captain Savatt who is sent to prison for inhumane treatment of his men.  There is also Wilson’s girlfriend who crash lands her plane near the fort and is caught up in the whole mutiny and fighting.             Not the greatest Foreign Legion movie but it was still enjoyable to watch.  The movie is available as part of a Samuel Fuller collection from Amazon.  Fuller himself was an interesting character (Wiki bio).  I also must say that this movie features one of the worst desert forts that I have seen.  In fact it is just a painted prop of some fantastical fortress where the only positions occupied by legionnaires in the movie was the front wall.  The link below is to a .pdf with some screen shots of the movie.

Adventure in Sahara Screenshots

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