Desert Fort WIP Report #3

Blockhaus 17 continues to be constructed.  Slowly.        Very slowly.        So slow in fact that I’m sure that a platoon of real Legionnaires would have already constructed a 1:1 scale version by now and would have sprouts in their new garden and several cases of desertion and cafard.  Nonetheless, here are some pictures of where I am at right now.  All I really got accomplished since the last update was adding a texture to the outside walls and the tower (burnt umber paint, white glue and fine sand) and dry brushing some color on them.   I also made a ladder for the tower and then built up some “blown” sand around the edges of the walls with some bits of scrap blue/pink foam.  I then covered the outside ground with a mix of concrete patch mixed with sand, small stones, and burnt umber paint.  This was then painted with a mix of  “Desert Sand” paint and white glue.  Before this dried I sprinkled some very fine sand mixed with an orange tinted bit of fine sawdust to get a Sahara sand effect but I still have to paint up the rocks more.  That’s it.  Hopefully by the next update I’ll have the buildings fixed up and placed inside and the entry door completed.

About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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1 Response to Desert Fort WIP Report #3

  1. Adam O'Brien says:

    Hi Jack,

    Long-time visitor to your site here; not being a techy soul, how might I send you some pics of a 28mm scale FFL fort I’ve just completed?

    Best wishes for 2015, and many thanks for maintaining an inspirational blog!


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