Modelling Tips from Campaigns Magazine

Something different today.  No Foreign Legion. (gasp!)  Instead, I’ve assembled 15 pages from the old Campaigns Magazine feature called Modeler’s Notebook.  These were written by Bryan Fosten who has done loads of good stuff at Osprey as an illustrator for many Napoleonic subjects.  For about 15 issues this page was part of the magazine–for some reason it was discontinued around issue 16 (out of 49 issues).  You might find something you can use in your modelling activities. Posted below is a sample and a 15 page .pdf file.

Speaking of modelling I’ve not been doing much of that for several weeks now–job, house work, etc.  But winter is on the way.  This is the time for me to catch up on my figure painting and terrain building projects.  We have pretty severe temperatures and snow in the great state of Wisconsin (I’ve posted some of pictures from last winter).  Nothing better than being snowed in, Christmas tree up, and quiet nights at the hobby desk (with seasonal ales of course).

Campaigns Magazine Modelling Tips

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