Legion Pulp: Monkey See, Monkey Do by Theodore Roscoe

Monkey See, Monkey Do is another tall tale of the Legion as told by Thibaut Corday.  This story is set in Senegal as the Legion is assigned a mission to quell a local native rebellion.  Unseen snipers slowly thin the ranks of the Legionnaires, putting all on edge.  Inside Fort Defi there is an odd Legion cook and his trained monkey, a brutal Captain and a phantom thief.  The plot seems incredible until Roscoe (or rather Thibaut Corday) wraps up the whole escapade in a Sherlock Holmes-like summation.

(On an admin note:  I’ve decided to post Pulp stories about the Foreign Legion on every 15th of the Month.  I’m not running out yet but I want to space these out more as I gear up for some more hobby and miniature related work.  So if you enjoy these stories as much as I do then please check back after the middle of each month.)

Monkey See, Monkey Do

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