New Sets of 1:72 French Foreign Legion and Arabs?

A quick post today on something I noticed on Plastic Soldier Review.  In the News section of that website, 18 September, it announced that BUM (Barcelona Universal Models: a Spanish manufacturer of not-so-great-but-getting-better 1:72 scale plastic soldiers) is planning to release three sets of figures for a “Beau Geste” line.  This would include the following…
3000 – French Foreign Legion
3001 – French Foreign Legion Casualties
3005 – Arabs

I’m hoping to see them soon in stores before Christmas. This would be a great addition to my little North African hobby world.  I’m also hope it’s not a rip off or monstrosity of brittle plastic like this company has been known for in the past.  I noticed a BUM “Beau Geste” set (BUM 122) on eBay that was just a couple of sprues each of old Airfix Foreign Legion and Airfix Arabs.  What encourages me is that I noticed the more recent sets from BUM have been looking real good–the Rogers Ranger sets from the French and Indian War particularly.  Hopefully these new items will be the same quality and something different.  Let me know if anyone spots these in the stores please!

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