WordPress Admin Note

Maybe I’m not too observant and perhaps missed the mail on this but WordPress has recently instituted a new feature for viewing images on WordPress blogs.  It’s new “Photo Carousel” feature is summarized at this link.  What this does is puts all of a posted gallery’s pictures into a pop-up-like window that shows smaller versions of the image and allows you to click on big white arrows to go left or right in the gallery. I recently noticed this on other war gaming and hobby blogs and thought it was odd to suddenly see this option come up so often.  Then I noticed that my galleries started popping up the same way.  So I looked at the WordPress forums and discovered that it’s not just a popular new blogging fad.  WordPress simply put this out as their new gallery view and you have no option to turn it off.  Some might like this new feature but I personally think it sucks and what sucks even more is that they don’t give you an option to turn it off.  WTF!  I hate these good idea fairies imposing their idiot scripts on paying customers without considering that some people might like the old way of doing things.  So if you get as fed up with these Photo Carousels as I do the only option right now is to click on Permalink at the lower right of each picture in the new gallery and this will take you to the full-sized image.

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Retired Army.
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