1:72 Scale Christmas Wishlist

Making a wish list of miniature sets that one hopes to see in the stores some day is probably one of the more futile activities that small scale hobbyists engage in.  I see the pleas to the master mold-making-makers regularly on the HäT Forums as well as on several other miniatures websites.  It’s like mentally spending and allocating the $10 million in lottery money you never will win.  So it’s my turn to put my wish list down in writing in the hopes that some web surfing high-level manager in the “Future Plans Departments” at Airfix, Revell, Italeri, Ceaser or HäT might see this post and say to themselves “Wow!  What great ideas!  We need to get right on this NOW!”  I’m thinking Christmas 2012 would be acceptable.  So, in no particular order, the following is my wish list for new 1:72 scale plastic soldiers…

  • Classic French Foreign Legion (another set like the ESCI/Italeri masterpieces but from another company; maybe with tropical helmets for Tonkin/Dahomey)
  • French Foreign Legion (1920-Pre-WWII, Rif War, Syria, etc.)
  • French Foreign Legion (Indo-China)
  • French Foreign Legion (Algeria)
  • Spanish Infantry in Morocco (circa 1920-30)
  • Spahi Cavalry (1900-WWI)
  • Algerian Tirailleurs (1900-WWI, AKA Turcos.  Can be used for Tunisian and Moroccan Tirailleurs)
  • Senegalese Tirailleurs (1900-WWI, somewhat different uniform than the Turco’s)
  • French Zouaves (1900-WW1)
  • French Colonial Infantry (Troupes de Marin/Troupes Coloniales after 1900)
  • Camel MountedMéhariste/Sahariennes Troops
  • Riffian Tribesmen (circa 1900-1930)
  • North African Villagers
  • Moorish/Moroccan Army (circa 1880-1920)
  • Tuareg Warriors (circa 1880-1920)
  • Berber/Bedouin Tribesmen (circa 1880-1920)
  • Chines Pirates (Tonkin) (circa 1880-1920)
  • Vietnamese Villagers (made generic enough to be used from 1880-1975)
  • Generic West African Tribesmen (circa 1880-1920)
  • Wild West Gunfighters, Outlaws, Townsfolk, Cowboys, Lawmen & Posse, Apaches, Banditos, Federales, and Stage Coaches & Wagons. (one set each please.)
  • Taliban & Al-Qaeda & Iraqi Insurgents
  • Afghan Villagers
  • Afghan Army / Iraqi Army
  • Private Military Corporation (PMC) Operatives
  • Navy SEALS/Delta/SAS Tier-1 Operatives
  • Fantasy Adventurers, Orcs, Goblins, Skeleton Warriors, Giants, Ogres, Elves, Dwarves, etc. (one set of each again please)
  • Modern Zombie Swarm (double figure set please)
  • Zombie Apocalypse Survivors
  • Generic Sci-Fi Aliens/Mechanoids/Bugs
  • French Colonial Troops WWI
  • Pirates, Buccaneers, Royal Marines, Spaniards & Caribbean City Folks (one set each)

That’s it for now.  In the future (2013) I’m thinking we probably need sets for the French Expedition in Mexico, the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900’s, and for some Pulp play we need a set each of Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Pre-War Gestapo/Nazi Super Soldiers, Pygmies / Cannibals, South Seas Malay Pirates, Gangsters, FBI & Secret Service, Evil Scientist Generic Henchmen, hillbillies and mud/swamp creatures.  Now, all you 1:72 scale manufacturers, please start working on this list ASAP from top to bottom.


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2 Responses to 1:72 Scale Christmas Wishlist

  1. Al says:

    I see yourosts are mostly about 1/72 plastics. However, if you want to see many of the above figures in 28mm metal, check out Askari Miniatures: askari-minis.com


    • Jack Wagner says:


      Indeed. Askari has quite a nice range of FFL figures–the best I’ve seen. The Spahis, Turcos, Zouaves, Berbers and Tuaregs and all the others in the North African range are great too. 28mm’s figures are on my list of future blog posts and I’m looking forward to getting into that range. I’m also likely to paint up a couple of plastic Conte or Armies in Plastic 1:32 figures.


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