Out with 2011 — In with 2012!

Just an admin note today about this blog and my goals for it in 2012.  Over the past year I made 154 posts.  This averages to about one post every two or three days which I believe is pretty good for a blog of this sort.  Early in the year I attempted to make daily posts and this lasted for about two months and toward the latter part of 2011 I tapered off to sometimes one post a week.  I’ve had a grand total of about 30,000 views.  I’ve never promoted this blog yet over the last four months I’ve averaged 3,700 views.  It has just a handful of followers. I was never sure that I would continue this blog for too long because I didn’t think that there was that much material out there.  Also, I purposely avoided posting easily obtainable information about the Foreign Legion that would be clear copy right violations (such as Osprey books) but I may have crossed the lines occasionally.  Nevertheless, I’m very happy with my efforts so far and actually think I still have an incredible amount of new material yet to post.  So for 2012 these are my new goals/resolutions.

1. Finish the construction of Blockhaus 17 (my desert fort) and post final pictures and a how-to guide with dimensions and pictures for those who might want to do the same project.

2.  Continue to scan and  post more Legion Pulp stories (at least once every 15th of each month).

3.  More Foreign Legion book reviews (my goal will also be at least one per month).  There are also many, many books on Algeria, Tonkin, Morocco and the Sahara that I want to finish and review as well.

4.  Movie reviews with screenshots of the movie sets/forts as I can find and acquire movies on the Foreign Legion ( I think again one per month would be ).

5.  More attention to miniatures and war gaming terrain: on the horizon will be more buildings, tents, dunes, ruins, an oasis village, terrain boards, as well as painting up some more 1:72 scale Legion troops, Turco’s, Zouaves and also reviews of some 25/28mm metal Foreign Legion figures.

6.  Continued historical research on Legion/French forts, battles, equipment, uniforms, etc.

7.  More original maps and floor plans that would be suitable for Role Playing such as barracks, forts, villages, deserts.

8.  Original artwork (mainly pencil as well as pen & ink) depicting Foreign Legion soldiers.  This is something completely new but I’ve not had time this year to work on anything.

9.  Original fiction.  After reading so many short pulp stories and personal memoirs of service in the Foreign Legion I think I might be able to write a couple short stories featuring desert forts, marauding Chambaa tribesmen and resolute Legionnaires.  If I get around to this it might be some time toward the middle or latter half of the year.

10.  More participation in the miniature, war gaming, historical on-line communities.  This might help promote the blog a bit.  Also I might add an RSS feed.  I do want to get more followers, comments, and views of my blog.  My goal is 200,000 views by 31 Dec 2012.

One thing I have going for me is more time on my hands.  The contract I worked under for the past six years ended today and I officially join the hoards of unemployed tomorrow.  So I hope to take advantage of this time to make this blog better, pursue some of my other hobbies, dabble on eBay, and of course, like many middle aged men, lose some weight.

Happy New Year to all!  I hope you have enjoyed this blog and come back more often next year.


About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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2 Responses to Out with 2011 — In with 2012!

  1. Randhy says:

    Hey Jack

    Really enjoying your blog and check regularly. Keep up the good work mate!


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