Foreign Legion Uniforms (Mexican Campaign)

I found another little treasure at Galica (the archives of the French National Library).  The document can be found here: Link.  This manuscript is captioned as “Mexican campaign and foreign regiments. Notes, letters and watercolors by C. Brecht / C. Brecht” (Campagne du Mexique et régiments étrangers. Notes, lettres et aquarelles par C. Brecht / C. Brecht) It has a series of six water colors depicting the uniforms of the Régiment Étranger and has several pages of notes on the foreign regiments and companies.  I found the notes hard to read but I’m sure they would be interesting (and I wouldn’t have to speculate).  The first two pictures are of Foreign Legionnaires in the green uniform worn in the 1850’s (Italy perhaps).  Picture 2 shows one uniform with a blue coat that indicates the transition to uniforms closer to the regular French Infantry Regiments.  Picture 3 is of a Legionnaire in Sidi Bel Abbes in 1860 (before shipping off to Mexico) while Picture 4 is of a Legionnaire in 1907 (possibly to show how little the uniform has changed).  Also of note is Picture 6 that looks more like what I thought the Legion uniform would be in Mexico however the captain reads that it shows soldiers from the 95th Infantry Regiment. (Note: I corrected the error I made earlier and replaced picture 4 with the correct image.)

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