Captain Gallant Comic #3

Another installment in the Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion comic book series for today.  These can be found at the Internet Archive here: Link.  (There are more Tex Ritter and Buster Crabbe comics here so don’t pass up checking out the link.)

This is the third issue of this series and contains 36 pages.  It features the following short episodes featuring CPT Gallant or Legionnaires: The Treasure of Tehran Bey, The Tangier Incident, The Sabre of Sgt. Sardu, and Josephine’s Romance.  It also has a two page written mystery called “Agent “V” in The Case of the Missing Message”, a page with a nonsensical “Quiz” and some god-awful piece called “Captain Kid in The Case of the Violin Case” that has nothing to do with the Foreign Legion.  The second from the last page has a fine B&W graphic with narrative on the Foreign Legion called “What Makes the Foreign Legion What it Is”.  The last page is a promo for the T.V. show.

This past Christmas Eve I watched the Christmas episode of Captain Gallant (December 25, 1955 Season 1, Episode 36: The Boy Who Found Christmas For Christmas) with my two son’s.  It was surprisingly good in a “nice Christmas message” way.  The best part was when all the Legionnaires wished each other Merry Christmas in their own language while hanging out around a campfire.  This episode is also available at the Internet Archive.

Captain Gallant 003

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