Action at Bou Denib and Le Petit Parisian Covers

I started looking into the French fort at Bou Denib, Morocco the other day and discovered that there is a lot of very interesting information available on the town, the Ksar, the garrison fort and a blockhouse on top of the hill.  A major conflict took place in August 1908 that resulted in several hundred Moroccans killed when they attempted to overrun the French forces that had recently moved into the town.  The French technically were not supposed to be in Morocco but this event and a preceding series of battles further north prompted General Lyautey to press his forces ever more permanently across the ill-defined southern border with Algeria.   It might take several days to put together the Bou Denib information and could take several posts to do justice to the material.  So in the mean time, I will post some more vintage French magazine covers I found on Gallica in order to keep this blog updated a bit which will give me time to work on the Bou Denib posts.   The first four pictures below feature the Foreign Legion and the others are just general pictures featuring events that took place in North Africa from about 1900 to 1910.  The link to these magazines is here: Link.  I also found that there is usually a short paragraph on the second to last page that describes more detail on the featured color illustrations.

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