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Men of Daring: Prince Aage

One of the most famous Foreign Legionnaires was the Dane known as Prince Aage or more formally Count Aage of Rosenborg.  (He has a short bio on Wikipedia)  Prince Aage entered the French Foreign Legion in 1922 at the age … Continue reading

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Corporal Voutaz of the Foreign Legion

The short article below is a nice character study of a Foreign Legionnaire from the Great War.  Corporal Voutaz, who hails from Switzerland, enthusiastically joined the Legion at the beginning of the war.  It’s remarkable that he made it to … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: The Burning Road

This month’s pulp story is Burning Road by Robert Carse.  It appeared in Argosy Weekly on 19 September, 1931.  This story features some racing of a different sort when American race car diver Shorty Graw winds up in the Foreign … Continue reading

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Legion of Violent Lovers

In the spirit of Saint Valentine’s Day!  This is a great article on the Foreign Legion’s relationships with the fairer sex.  I guess, given a military that provides mobile bordello’s  (or BMC’s, Bordel Mobile Campagne) to it’s men this information … Continue reading

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Action at Bou Denib: Part 3

After soundly defeating the last pan-tribal harka on the Djorf plains northwest Bou Denib the French quickly set about to the task of establishing their colonial dominance over the region.  In their typical fashion they laid out a small European … Continue reading

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Action at Bou Denib: Part 2

Once the French occupied Bou Denib in May of 1908 they quickly set about fortifying their new foothold in Morocco by building a walled redoubt surrounding their camp just north of the Guir River (about a mile N/W of the … Continue reading

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