Corporal Voutaz of the Foreign Legion

The short article below is a nice character study of a Foreign Legionnaire from the Great War.  Corporal Voutaz, who hails from Switzerland, enthusiastically joined the Legion at the beginning of the war.  It’s remarkable that he made it to the end of 1918 considering the horrendous losses incurred by the Legion and the 1st RMLE (1er Régiment de Marche de la Étranger) during the previous years of this war.  Voutaz was one of the hundred or so members of the Foreign Legion who traveled to the United States as part of the 4th Liberty Loan campaign.  Many of these men had been wounded and convalescing in France when they were chosen for this unique opportunity.  Voutaz appears to have been wounded in the Summer of 1918 as well and the article discusses his high regard for the United States Marine Corps (Devil Dogs) who fought beside the Foreign Legion and the Moroccans in the Soissons offensive.  The article is from the Marines Bulletin of November 1918.  It can be read at Google >>>>Link.  I also have the .pdf below.

I took a look at some of the Liberty Loan pictures I had to see if I could find someone who looked like CPL Voutaz.  I think I see him in the right side of the picture below–look under the red arrow, although I could very well be wrong.  It’s the mustache that makes me think so 😉

Corporal Voutaz

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