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Fremdenlegion / Foreign Legion Diorama

Just a quick post to showcase an outstanding 1:72 scale diorama featuring a lush North African desert scene and the Foreign Legion.  The website is here– LINK. (This link will take you to lots of other great diorama pictures: Gallery.) … Continue reading

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Kickstarter for “The Lost Remake of Beau Geste”

                                                                                                                                                                        Just a quick post to bring some attention to a new documentary film in the works.  Check out the link here…>>>  LINK. On this page you will find the trailer about a documentary featuring the “Forbidden Film” (a parody … Continue reading

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More Pictures of North Africa (circa 1913)

My previous post seemed to attract a large amount of viewers/visitors so I am posting some more that I found on Galica.  They were all found in a photo album that belonged to French General Charles Mangin.  I had to … Continue reading

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Various Pictures (French North Africa)

I’ve collected various pictures of the Foreign Legion and other French military unit operations in North Africa since I started this blog.  I’ve now started to group them into their respective topics and themes.  The gallery below shows mainly those … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: The Ears of Donkey Daudette

This month’s pulp story is another tall tale from the pen of Theodore Roscoe as told by le légionnaire ancienne Thibaut Corday.  It’s an odd story about a legionnaire with overly large ears and a penchant for mischief before and … Continue reading

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Russian Roulette by Georges Surdez

I found the Russian Roulette story that I mentioned yesterday on the website.  I must have overlooked it when I was there previously.  The story appeared in Colliers Magazine (the 30 Jan 1937 issue).  There were several other short … Continue reading

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Georges Surdez: The Man Who Invented Russian Roulette

Just a short post today on an article I found about Georges Surdez–my favorite and very prolific author of Foreign Legion pulp fiction.  The article can be read online at a really neat website run by author Christopher Othen.  Link  … Continue reading

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Real Adventure Comics

I found this item unexpectedly while browsing around the usenet groups.  It’s Issue #1 of Real Adventure Comics that was released in April of 1955.  Besides the great cover it has a nice concise story about two legionnaires who join … Continue reading

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