Russian Roulette by Georges Surdez

I found the Russian Roulette story that I mentioned yesterday on the website.  I must have overlooked it when I was there previously.  The story appeared in Colliers Magazine (the 30 Jan 1937 issue).  There were several other short stories by Surdez that you can also find in UNZ’s archive of Colliers magazines.  Some were about the Foreign Legion but many were not.  Most were very short stories that were billed as “A Short Short Story Complete on this Page“.  I really liked the illustrations that accompanied the Legion stories in Colliers.  I’ll be sure to post these on this website over time.  The two page Russian Roulette story is below in .pdf.

Russian Roulette

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2 Responses to Russian Roulette by Georges Surdez

  1. Dave Hardy says:

    I know this is way behind the times, but an interesting thing about the illo for the post is that I first saw it in Icon, a book dedicated to Frank Frazetta’s art. The picture is included as an example of art that accompanied the pulps in the ’30s.


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