Legion Pulp: The Ears of Donkey Daudette

This month’s pulp story is another tall tale from the pen of Theodore Roscoe as told by le légionnaire ancienne Thibaut Corday.  It’s an odd story about a legionnaire with overly large ears and a penchant for mischief before and during his time in the Legion.  The outpost this time is around Fort St. Felix, Senegal (and the natives are restless).  As always in these Corday stories there is a logical explanation at the end of the story that explains the mystery.

The Ears of Donkey Daudette

The Argosy magazine that this story appeared in was 19 Jan 1935 (V 252 # 6).  I scanned it from an original.  This particular issue was literally falling apart and required gentle care to scan and reassemble it.  Pulp magazines are a treasure that may one day disappear because of the cheap paper they were printed on (the very thing that made them affordable and therefore popular).  Thank goodness for digital scanning.

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