Kickstarter for “The Lost Remake of Beau Geste”

                                                                                                                                                                        Just a quick post to bring some attention to a new documentary film in the works.  Check out the link here…>>>  LINK.

On this page you will find the trailer about a documentary featuring the “Forbidden Film” (a parody of Beau Geste) made by several San Diego State University students back in 1939.  You will also find an opportunity to contribute to the film’s success via. the Kick Starter website (and Amazon).  There are some neat awards associated with this one including DVD’s and perhaps a spent shell casing recovered from the actual filming location of the real Beau Geste.

I’m new to Kick Starter but I’m starting to see this type of “crowd funding” more and more lately.  It’s a wonderful idea to generate some revenue to fund business start-ups, charitable causes, and in the case of Kick Starter, artistic and creative ideas like this documentary.  (Hopefully our anti-capitalist, business illiterate senators didn’t screw this whole concept up.)

SIDE NOTE:  Years ago (the 80’s)  I took two years of cinematography because I actually wanted to make movies.  I was a huge movie fan (still am) and thought this career was just the one for me.  My professor was Tom Palazollo.  I can honestly say that what I learned in his class about film making has lasted me a lifetime and one of these revelations was how hard and expensive it is to actually make and market a serious movie.  Maybe it’s easier nowadays to make a movie with digital equipment but there is still a high overhead cost involved as Mr. Thompson explains in his Kick Starter page.  This is a worthy cause and why I decided to see if I could help in some way.


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