Fremdenlegion / Foreign Legion Diorama

Just a quick post to showcase an outstanding 1:72 scale diorama featuring a lush North African desert scene and the Foreign Legion.  The website is here– LINK.

(This link will take you to lots of other great diorama pictures: Gallery.)

This dio, called Morocco – March or Die, was built by Egbert Balzar and features various legionnaires straight from the Airfix and ESCI Foreign Legion sets as well as some very well done conversions of Airfix French WWI figures.  The Arabs are from Nikolai.  There is a two page .pdf (in German) just under the third picture that lists the miniature sets used and the other materials used in it’s construction.  Of note is the paint used on the figures were common artist’s oil paints which really shows up well.  As for the conversions, I noticed a nice touch with the white scarves on some of the legionnaires (particularly the mounted one) and several arm swaps and loose rifles.  Also one of the kepi’s are tan colored indicating a likely bleu in the ranks (the kepi cover and neck guard were originally khaki in color but the legionnaires washed often enough to bleach the color out).  One officer is in the khaki uniform with the white scarf indicating this scene would be in the early 1920’s.  Another figure has a red kepi–possibly a senior NCO.  The Nicolai Arabs look great selling their wares as does the ground work and the desert background.

By coincidence remembered I had several similar pictures on my hard drive that I found a year or so ago .  It’s the same diorama but these may have been taken at a convention or from some other website.  I have no idea where I originally found them.

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